Success Stories

We'd like to highlight the following employees for their contribution to Cobos Group.  

Maureen Daly

The Cobos Group has been a great experience and opened the door to my adventure of accepting a HR contract assignment. I had my assignment with The Seattle Times Company. Marsha arranged the interview and it was a seamless process. Everyone at the Cobos Group has make it very easy to get started on the assignment with great communication and follow-up throughout the process. I would definitely recommend the Cobos Group to other HR Professionals.

Connie Huber

I think very highly of H.R. Services (now Cobos Group).  In 1992, I was new to the Seattle area.   I previously had 10 years of experience in Training/Development when I was downsized from my position.   My VP suggested I contact H.R. Services.   I remember interviewing with Victoria; she was great in helping me get started in my job search and she was direct and open in exploring opportunities.  Her professionalism and genuine interest gained my immediate respect.   I was eager to take any assignment that I was offered to gain more experience in the HR field and I had a great time on each assignment.   I was met & welcomed with much enthusiasm by those in the organization who made me feel a part of the group, not a "contract/temporary" employee.  I was fortunate to make a wealth of network contacts that I still utilize for information & job searches.   My assignments have enabled me to be a more flexible & marketable professional, as well as afforded me offers of full-time regular employment.  Contract work allows me to see if the opportunity is a good fit before I make a commitment to the organization.  

H.R. Services (Cobos Group) makes you feel a part of their organization.   Even though you are out in the field, your calls & inquiries are handled warmly & professionally.  Whether the opportunity is full-time regular or temporary, every effort is taken to make sure the fit is a good one for both you & the organization.   Doing varied projects has increased my skills immensely and broadened my background.   This organization is a quality venture and, without hesitation, I would recommend this service to qualified HR Professionals.