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Q: How quickly will I be able to find a job or assignment?
A: We regularly get new positions in all functional areas of HR.   Once we have interviewed you, we will evaluate these positions in light of your experience and interests.   We know finding the “right” job is most important and the time it takes to do that will vary with our current mix of jobs and your priorities.
Q: What is the average length of a contract assignment?
A: The average contract assignment is 3.25 months.
Q: What types of positions do you specialize in.
A: We specialize in human resources.   Our clients are looking for experienced candidates who have worked specifically in the HR field.   See the “Jobs” section of our website for specific position descriptions.
Q: What companies do you work with in the Northwest?
A: We work with a wide-range of companies in a mix of industries—from healthcare to high tech.   See the Client List section of our website for a sample listing of our companies.